Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquets

Many brides today are becoming more and more creative with their weddings, trying to get as far away from the conventional as possible. Flowers are no exception; a new trend that I've been seeing is alternative bridesmaid bouquets. 

There can be different reasons to have your bridesmaids carry something other than a $75 bouquet down the aisle:
  • You want to do something different
  • Your budget doesn't allow for it
  • Traditional bouquets don't go with the overall theme and feel of your wedding
Whatever your reason is, I've found some cute alternatives to bridesmaid bouquets for you to check out

Balloons give a wedding a more playful, fun feel.

Parasols are good for outdoor weddings.

A basket with simple flowers is good for a barn yard, garden, or vintage wedding.

Carrying lanterns down the aisle would be great to set the mood for an evening wedding.

Instead of a bouquet, bridesmaids can carry a single statement flower.

Pinwheels provide a cute, whimsical feel for a wedding.

Wheat bouquets are perfect if you have a more earthy, rustic theme.

Getting married around Valentine's Day? Why not have your bridesmaids carry paper hearts?

This crystal snowflake is beautiful for a winter wedding.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Colors

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Design Seeds is an amazing website to find great color palettes for anything from weddings to interior design. I've found some great palettes for brides who are looking for inspiration for their spring wedding.

This would be great for an outdoor garden wedding.
A good purple variation, without being overwhelming

The dark blue ties this pastel palette together. Use it as an accent color
in your wedding.
This is a good neutral palette without looking too "Fall."
I love the complementary gray with this teal combination
This is good for the couple who doesn't want to use the
typical pastel pink or blue color scheme
I love this palette. If I were a spring bride, I would use these colors.
I would have my bridesmaids wear dresses in each color.
A great red variation

Hump Day Fun

Some inspirational quotes to get you through Hump Day. Be back soon with more wedding yumminess.