Monday, October 29, 2012

Cake Toppers

Since Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy has me trapped in our apartment for the next 2 days, I may as well keep myself busy by blogging.

Cake toppers have evolved from more than just plastic figurines of the bride and groom standing side by side to intricate designs that are a pivotal part of the wedding cake. As always, Etsy has provided some awesomely creative toppers for your big day.

"Mr & Mrs." wood cake topper from Better off Wed on Etsy.

Cute chalkboard cake topper

Funny cake topper

So appropriate for a Philadelphia wedding

Custom monogram cake topper from The Pink Owl Gifts on Etsy

"Happily Ever After" topper from Better Off Wed on Etsy

Cute cake topper from Oklahoma Stencil on Etsy

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