Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wedding Do or Don't: Bridal Headpieces

For the bride who wants to add a little something extra to her wedding day look, headpieces are an interesting way to stand out. You can opt for a headpiece instead of a veil to add a personal twist, however, brides should make sure to keep a balance between the headpiece and the dress. You don't want the two battling each other for the spotlight. For a simpler dress, you can get away with a more extravagant headpiece. For a more stylized dress, a simple headpiece would be a good idea. 

This was what you don't want to look like:

Now, I'm the first person to support (most of) Carrie Bradshaw's fashion choices, but this monstrosity is just too offensive for my eyes. The huge Vivenne Westwood dress completely overwhelms her tiny frame and that turquoise feather/bird thing on her head is hideous.

Check out these examples of headpieces that I found on Pinterest and decide if a headpiece is a do or don't for your wedding day.
Style icon Audrey Hepburn

1930's style headpiece

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