Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wedding Jewelry

I'm not a big jewelry girl. 90% of my pieces are costume, and I keep them in a messy pile on my dresser. For my wedding, I don't plan on piling on a ton of bling for the sake of looking beautiful; it's not my style. I would like to keep it classy, but unique. I hadn't even thought about my wedding jewelry until my future mother-in-law asked me how I was accessorizing my dress (which I still haven't found). I decided to see what I could find online. 

My initial search led me the most recognizable name in bridal jewelry: Neil Lane. Beautiful pieces, but not really my style. 

My next search led me to Roberto Coin, who had a few more pieces that were my style

Such a daring piece, but on the right bride, this could look amazing.

I found a few more designers that caught my eye, but nothing that really wowed me. Even my go-to designer, David Yurman failed to show me anything special (trust me, he's still my favorite). I think I'd rather go to Jeweler's Row in the city and get something made that's just for me. 

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