Thursday, September 20, 2012

STD (Not What You Think)

The Save the Date (STD) is a couple's first introduction to the wedding guests who haven't had a chance to meet your bride/groom-to-be. To me, the STD is extremely important. I believe that it should coincide with the theme that you want for your wedding. It sets the tone for the type of wedding your guests can expect.

Most STD invitations that I've found have been very traditional, with one or two cute pictures of the couple looking very much in love, "Save the Date" written in a scripted font, and the wedding date. Don't get me wrong, these are a nice way to tell everyone to clear their schedules for your big day; however, if you're someone who gets at least two Save the Dates a month, they all tend to look  the same. After browsing Pinterest and other wedding planning sites, I've found some adorable Save the Date ideas that will definitely grab your guests' attention and leave them saying "I can't wait to go to this wedding!"

Adorable luggage tag invite for a destination wedding.

This timeline is a cute spin on the traditional engagement picture invite.

I love this idea, especially since my fiancé loves going to the movies.

Last Christmas we played a joke on my mom with a fake lottery ticket, so I know she would find this one funny.
(Sidenote: You can see us pranking her here)

Another cute idea is to send out Save the Date "tickets."

I found this one to be really funny. Right to the point.

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