Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aubergine...Just Say Eggplant

We haven't even set a date yet, but I've been looking a lot at having dark purple as my wedding color. Upon further research, I've found that there are tons of names for "dark purple." Raisin, plum, and of course aubergine (aka eggplant). In a recent entry, I posted a bunch of color palettes that I found on This entry is about one of my favorite ones that I found.

To me, there's a big difference between different shades of purple. Too dark, and it's almost black. Too bright, it starts to look like you have a slight obsession with Barney. That's where eggplant, raisin, plum, whatever you want to call it comes in. I think it's the perfect shade. It flatters most skin tones, it's not harsh on the eyes, and it's just a very regal color.

A signature cocktail in your color is a cute touch.

Purple lighting at your reception could go either way. If you have purple table cloths, napkins, chair covers, glasses, and centerpieces, purple lighting may be a little too much.

I'd like to get bridesmaids dresses in different shades of purple.

If purple lighting is a little too much, purple centerpieces are a great way to incorporate the color into your reception. 

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