Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tossing the Garter

Here's a brief history of one of the oldest wedding traditions. The tossing of the garter started in 14th century Europe. It was believed that a piece of the bride's dress was good luck, so guests started to literally tear her dress apart, hoping to get some good luck. Eventually brides began to give certain pieces of her dress away, including the garter. She would then throw the garter to the single men at the party. This became a problem when the men would get too drunk and try to remove the garter themselves. This caused the tradition to change to the groom taking the garter off and tossing it to the men in the crowd. 

Nowadays, brides like to wear 2 garters: one for the groom to toss to the men at the party and one for the bride to keep. Garters have evolved from simple elastic bands to elaborate accessories that brides can't do without.

For anyone who's never heard of Etsy, it's an amazing online marketplace for all things handmade. From clothes, to sheets, to bathing suits, to even wedding gowns, you can find anything on Etsy. I've found some handmade garters from Etsy vendors (I've included links to their online stores in the captions) that are gorgeous, and you won't have to worry about another bride having the same one as you.

Cute grey garters from Bella Sposa Couture

Gorgeous crystal garter from Alisa Brides

Something blue lace garter set from Sofia Unique Boutique

For the bride who needs a little (but not too much) liquid courage,
a 3 oz flask garter from Moonshine Belle is a cute idea.

Simple lace garter set from My Little Bunny Designs
Stunning lace, chiffon, and rhinestone garter set from Glitz and Garters

Silver rhinestone and beaded elastic garter set by Pretty 'N Posh Creations.
Can also be used as a headband.

Black lace beaded garter set from MillieICARO

Champagne feather and rhinestone garter set by Mia Von Mink's Wedding Couture

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