Thursday, October 4, 2012

Does it Really Matter Where You Sit?

From what I've heard and read, doing a seating chart for your reception is a lot harder than it seems. That aunt can't stand that uncle, so they can't sit together. Those cousins don't get along with each other so they have to be sat at different tables. That's where the seating chart and place cards come in. Place cards have evolved from folded pieces of paper to creative favors that guests don't want to discard at the end of the night. I've found some awesome place card inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings and Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Skeleton keys with satin ribbon

Seating assignment in a bottle.
I like this idea for a beach-themed wedding.

Pinwheel place cards. Cute for a spring wedding.

Vintage typewriter keys. I love this idea for a vintage wedding.

My favorite idea I found. Lucite place cards hung to look like a mobile.
Guests can take their cards as a favor.

Find old pictures of each guest and use it as their place card.
This idea would take a lot of time and effort,
so it may be best for a smaller wedding.

Greet guests with a cocktail and their seating assignment.

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