Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Engagement Party

Danny and I are both so lucky to have the parents that we have. They are both just as excited as we are for this time in our lives, and have been nothing but supportive of us both. Both sets of parents have decided to throw us not one, but two engagement parties. Danny is from Pennsylvania and I'm from New Jersey, and most of our family lives in the same areas where we grew up. It wouldn't be fair of us to ask one side of the the family to drive further than the other side, hence why we're having two engagement parties; one in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania.

Last weekend, we had the first of our two engagement parties at Danny's parents' house in Pennsylvania. We had 85 of our closest friends and family come out to celebrate our engagement with us. My friend Rob was the official photographer of the night and got some awesome pictures of everyone. Here are few of my favorites, but to see more, check out our photo gallery here

With two of my bridesmaids, Danielle and Melinda, and their boyfriends

Danny making a toast


Danny with his groomsmen (minus one) and groomswoman

With my mom and my future mother-in-law!

Time for shots :)

Danny's dad making a toast 
With Danny's brothers and their girlfriends

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