Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We've Found Our Venue!

I'm so excited to announce that we've found our venue! We will be getting married at the National Museum of American Jewish History here in Philadelphia. The venue is gorgeous and overlooks Independence Mall. Since we're both Jewish, the museum is a very special place for us. 

The room can fit up to 600 people, but since we won't have that many, we are turning a part of the room into a lounge where people can sit and relax when their feet hurt. The room is pretty bare, so the sky is the limit as far as decorating goes. There's also an outdoor terrace where guests can go outside and look at Independence Mall. Since it will be winter, we'll be renting space heaters so that guests won't be freezing out there. I'm so happy and excited to start planning for our big day!

Here are some pictures:

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