Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Apparently your wedding colors should be dependent on the time of year that you're having your wedding. (I guess its some sort of unspoken, unofficial rule) Never one to follow the rules, I don't really care what time of year I get married, I'm going to choose the colors that I want. I've found a cute, helpful website called The Perfect Palette to help me find different color palettes to try out.

While we haven't picked a date yet, we have tossed around the tentative idea of a New Year's Eve wedding. I've always wanted a winter wedding, and what a great time to have all of your family and friends together to celebrate. From what I've read online so far, blues and reds seem to be the most popular colors for winter weddings. I also happen to like idea of having silver or gold mixed in with my wedding colors, while not being the primary color.  The Perfect Palette has provided some great color combinations that include silvers, golds, blues, and reds.
(All images from theperfectpalette.com)


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